Jason X
2002 - Horror

He slices... He dices...


Review by Donner

Jason X

"Evil gets an upgrade."

Directed by James Isaac

Written by Todd Farmer

Based on characters created by Victor Miller

Starring Kane Hodder, Lexia Doug, and Lisa Ryder.

Rated R for strong horror violence, language and some sexuality

Fun Fact: The character of Adrienne, played by Kristi Angus, is named after Adrienne King, the star of the original Friday the 13th.

Jason Voorhees, the pinnacle of early eighties slasher movie monsters, is back yet again in the tenth movie in the Friday the Thirteenth film series.  Now, after being frozen for 455 years, Jason is back on his feet and boldly killing where no man has killed before.  That's right... Jason is in space.

Let me just say that one more time:  Jason... Jason Voorhees of the Friday the Thirteenth movies is in space.  Space, folks... Jason is in space.  That's right... space.

This movie isn't scary, it isn't exciting, and - yes - the whole thing is downright stupid.  That being said, I'm a big fan of the Friday the Thirteenth film series because it knows that the idea of a supernatural killer in a hockey mask is a silly idea and it knows how to make fun of it.  These movies may not be good, the actors may suck, and the special effects aren't that special, but man... these movies know how to have a good time its self-depreciating sense of humor.

Besides, any movie that can go ten installments has to be doing something right.

The absurdity of the plot and the talentlessness actors probably make this a more enjoyable movie that it has any right to be and, I must say, that even if this isn't the best Friday the Thirteenth movie ever made (that honor still held by Friday the Thirteenth Part VI: Jason Lives), it does contain the best kill scene out of any of the ten movies.  I'm not going to spoil it for you, but it contains two topless girls, sleeping bags, and the words "We looooooooooove premarital sex!"

This is a movie you have to be a fan of to enjoy.  I've always loved pointless slasher movies and, yes, I liked this one despite its glaring faults that flash like a neon sign.  It's silly, it screams B-movie, the sets are horrible, the plot is silly, the actors are terrible, the dialogue is about as corny as it gets, and the upgraded futuristic Jason is really, really, really bad but, man... a bad movie is rarely this much fun.

Now... when are they going to get around to making Jason verses Freddy?

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