Kudos to JRSly for the first entry that was so obvious
I don't even have to mention how obvious it was.

Cunning Linguist shows us what might have been Neo's choice in The Matrix,
though I'm afraid if Keanu would have been asked to solve the cube, his
head might have exploded.

Another from Cunning Linguist shows that The Borg have many sides...
a white side, a green side, a red side, a blue side...

HammeroftheGods reveals that Dirk's Diggler wasn't the only big and entertaining thing he possesses.

Delta-Cain's version of Indiana Jones and the Cube of Insanity.

xEternityx gives us the answer to the question: What do you
give a Hutt who has everything?

When games collide by Delta-Caine.

My God!  It's full of colors!  Image by Cunning Linguist.

Cunning Linguist with Picasso's Cube Period.

ZEZEtheX brings us... Oh dear God!  NEXT!

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