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The Sliders Meet The X-Files Saga
Sliders Meet the X-Files
Sliders Meet the X-Files III: The Search for II
Sliders Meet the X-Filesł: Beating a Dead Horse
Sliders Meet the X-Files IV: The One After Three and Before Five
Sliders Meet the X-Files V: The Final Frontier

Cartman Makes a Woman
The Sliders end up in South Park where Rembrandt is arrested by Officer Barbrady. Now, with the help of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Chef, they race against time to free him! Will they set Remmy free? How will Kenny die? Can Maggie keep her hands off Chef?

Colin And The Terrible, Awful, No Good, Really Bad Day
Ever wonder why Colin up and left his homeworld with little or no qualms at all?

The Dating Game
What if Wade had to chose? What if she did it on the dating game? What if Bennish were there? Why am I am asking you this?

Donner's Totally Bogus and Funky Adventure
The Slightly Warped Website's very own Donner stars in a brand new adventure where he and the sliders must face Kromaggs, silicone implants, and a tyrannical man-child!

The Dream Sliders Movie
In a perfect dimension, on a perfect world, on a perfect network (not FOX), Sliders ends a action packed run with this episode!

Dr. Katz Analyzes The Sliders
Everybody's favorite cartoon shrink gets more than he bargains for when the sliders come in for therapy.

The E! True Hollywood Story: Sliders
Finally, the truth about behind the scenes debauchery can be told once and for all!

Ernest Saves The Sliders
The Sliders meet someone even worse than Kromaggs, Rickman, Logan, and evil-third-season-Maggie put together!

The sliders land on the Enterprise and Worf is frothing at the mouth to kill them and if that isn't enough... Sam Beckett leaps on into the fray! Rated R!

Fruitcake Sucks!
In this sequel to Since the World is Hollow, I Must Have Touched the Ground, the Sliders accidentally slide to a galaxy far, far away where they must battle the empire and an even more dangerous force... Han Solo's ego!
Episode 41/2 :A Sexist Galaxy
Episode 43/4 :Maggie and Arturo Meet the Force
Episode 4 7/8 : Are We Having Fun Yet?

In the Belly of the Mouse
The sliders land on a world where Disneyland is a sovereign nation!  Now, on a world where bliss is mandatory and to even loose one's temper is a legal taboo, can Arturo keep his cool long enough to escape from the happiest country on Earth?  This story is also located on the fanfic page.

It Could Happen to You
Can Wade Welles keep what happened to her on Sliders from happening to another famous redhead? Don't laugh! It could happen to you!

Keep On Trekkin'
The sliders land on a world where Star Trek has become perverted into a weird religion!

Mr. T vs. The Sliders
The biggest and baddest man in the multiverse has been offended by the sliders and now... they all must pay in this incredible photo-comic!

Mystery Sliders Theater 3000
The sliders are reunited on the Satellite of Love! Is this the rebirth of our favorite show or will they all die when they are forced to watch Manos: The Hands of Fate!?

No Jello
A little misunderstanding leads to a lot of trouble and bodily harm for Quinn.

On the Air
So what's Wade been up to since she was fired... uh, I mean... since she left the cast of Sliders?

Operation Revival
The sliders find out a way to get home, bring back the professor, let Maggie breath on Earth Prime, and get home! That is, unless Maggie unwittingly screws things up!

Too Much Free Time
The Sliders end up on Duckman's world were they assist the private dick in his most baffling case! After five minutes, you'll see that some writer has way, way, WAY too much free time!!!

Since the World is Hollow, I Must Have Touched the Ground
"Captain's log, Stardate: 9021.0: A strange group of beings have invaded the Enterprise, and although they do not seem to be malevolent, Mr. Worf has recommended three times that we kill them. They call themselves, "The Sliders!"
Part one: Into the Mistake
Part two: The Wade of the Warrior
Part Three: The Last Temptation of Rembrandt

The 6th Sense
Wackiness and madness ensues when Quinn sustains yet another massive head injury and is caught up in a case of mistaken identity. Can the other sliders save him? Or, more importantly, do they even care? Warning: Rated R!!!

It's the long awaited Sienfeld / Sliders crossover!!!

Sliders: Comedy Slayers!
Vampires, werewolves, Kromaggs, and a force more evil than all of the evil nasty things in the world squished into a messy little ball are waiting for the sliders on their newest world, fortunately for Quinn and his off-the-scale testosterone count, so is Buffy: The Vampire Slayer!  Warning! Rated R!

Sliders on Toon Earth
The sliders land in the wackiest place ever, Toon City!

Sliders on Y2K Earth
The end of all life as we know it is coming midnight, December 31st, 1999! Well... if you believe all of that crap, anyway. Nevertheless, here's what just might happen to the Sliders if the Y2K bug strikes our favorite foursome!

Space: Behind and Between
After visiting "Tick World", the sliders are thrown 300 years and 70,000 light years away onto the USS Voyager!!! Throw in a few torrid love affairs, a few cheap cameos, some jokes, and a couple of aliens and you have the parody of the century!!! Rated PG-13!

Space: $19.99
Years after Space: Behind and Between, the crews of Voyager and Sliders are reunited... as well as Kirk and The Enterprise.  This story is incomplete.  Sorry if it leaves you hanging.  Rated PG-13!

At last!  All of the stars of Sliders that were killed off in all sorts of horrible and nasty ways come together in a Sliders spinoff!

Sell Out
The next big Sci-Fi crossover finds the Sliders on Spiderman's world along with Buffy, Voyager, The X Files, and Mortal Kombat in this sequel to What the Hell!?  Rated R!

Take a Number
A day in the life of a fanfic writer when her characters get a little rowdy!

The Sliders meet Sam Beckett and accidentally end up on Voyager where Janeway goes bonkers and tries to kill them all right before they... uh... end up on the Enterprise-E where a bunch of other stuff happens and... well... just read it, okay?

To Catch a Simpson
The Sliders land on Simpsons Earth!  Wade buys tons of base to cover her new yellow pigment!

The Undead, The Kromaggs, And Then..?
The Sliders end up teaming with Angel and his crew in an adventure of supernatural terrors, disingenuous litigation, and author inebriation!

What an Amazing Coincidence! or Who Says Crossovers are Bad Things?
A timer malfunction causes the wormhole to go wacky and slides the sliders to many new worlds where they accidentally pick up passengers along the way! Yes, it's the first Sliders, X-Files, Highlander, ER, Hurcules: The Ledgendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, Superman: The Animated Series crossover (For obvious reasons).

What the Hell!?
It's the crossover that no one expected! The Sliders meet Voyager meet the Ghostbusters meet the X-Files meet Pinky and the Brain meet Jay and Silent Bob! After reading this story, you too will be asking yourself... What the Hell!?  Rated R!

A Very Short Story
The simplest possible solution to the mess created in "The Seer".  Rated R!

The Wormholes are Multiplying!
When radiation causes the Slider's timer to malfunction, the gang ends up on Deep Space Nine in the middle of a bizarre attempt by the dominion to conquer the Alpha Quadrant!!!