Back when I was a kid, I remembered a scene from Disney's Fantasia where a female black centaur performed menial tasks for white blond centaurs.  This character was a typical racist stereotype of the 1940's along the lines of Amos and Andy and anytime I mentioned it to anyonw, people thought I was nuts.  When I rewatched Fantasia many years later, the character was gone.  Was I crazy?  Did this character exist or was it the product of my one young imagination?

After a little research, I discovered that other people remembered this character too and that her name was Sunflower.  When asked about it, Disney denied for years that Sunflower ever existed or that the movie had been altered to delete her sometime in the 1960's.  Only recently have they owned up to the fact that she did indeed appear in the movie when pictures and scenes of her surfaced.

Here she is, Sunflower: the Disney Character that never existed.



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