No, I'm not cursing Austria!  How could I hate a country that gave us Heir Schwarzenegger?  When I say, Fucking, Austria, I am referring to an actual town in the municipality of Tarsdorf in the Innviertel region of that country.

Fucking is named after a man from the 6th century called Focko. "-ing" is an old Germanic suffix indicating the people of the root word to which it is attached; thus Fucking means "The Place of Focko’s people."

Fucking's most famous feature is the roadsign with the village's name on it.  Tourists stop and take pictures in front of it and it has been stolen so many times that the residents took a vote in 2005 to change the name of the town.  As it is, the residents liked the old name too much and kept it, opting for a more theft-proof sign which is welded to steel and secured in concrete.



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