Doctors always find the strangest things inside of us.

Take this guy, for example.  After coming in to the hospital with pains, an x-ray revealed that he had a light bulb stuck up his butt.  The man claimed that the bulb was there when he woke up, but I'm sure that's what they all say.

Patrick Lawler went to the Dentist complaining of a toothache and when the x-ray of his teeth and skull was developed, the dentist was shocked to discover a four-inch nail in Patrick's head, apparently from an accidental impalement six days earlier.

There's a reason why some toys have suggested ages on the box.  This young boy swallowed some magnetic Kinex toys.  When they met in the stomach, they reconnected.

This kid swallowed a clothespin.  That's going to be an interesting journey.

Prisoners have been known to swallow things to gain trips to the hospital and taste a little fresh air outside of the prison walls.  It's crazy, but here are a few x-rays showing just how far prisoners are willing to go for a temporary hospital reprieve.

That's a fork on the left, batteries and a bedspring on the right in case you are wondering.

Australian Pat Skinner returned to his doctor complaining of abdominal pain and x-rays revealed a 6-inch pair of scissors that had accidentally been left in his body from a previous operation.

Finally, consider the case of Isidro Mejia who not only got six nailed imbedded into the back of his skull... he survived the injury!



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