Pictures from Another Time

In 1997, a woman named Rita Swift found an old roll of undeveloped film. It had a note attached “taken in our backyard Sep. 1969”. Rita took the roll in for developing but the photo lab and, to everyone’s amazement, 19 of the 20 pictures developed successfully.

The first 16 pictures were typical photos of Rita’s 5-year-old daughter, her cat, her swing set and other normal backyard pictures but pictures 17 through 19 turned out a bit different. As you can see, it appears that these last three pictures which were also taken in the backyard in 1969 display a different event of a time long ago when Indians owned the land.

If real, the images in these pictures would date anywhere from the 17th or 18th century.

Picture #16.  A normal picture.

Picture #17

Picture #18

Picture #19