The Wicked Witch of
Joshua Ward

Built on the foundation of the former sheriff that was responsible for hanging witches during the infamous Salem witch trials' house, many reports of hauntings in Joshua Ward House of Salem Massachusetts have been reported. The sheriff used an old English law that allowed him to crush a suspected witch with rocks to make him plead guilty or innocent. The man eventually died, but he did so, he “cursed” the sheriff. The sheriff died 5 years later of unknown causes. Candles have mysteriously been taken out of their holders and melted, trash cans have turned over, it is always cold in the corner of one room, alarms are set off for no reason, and one guest has seen an elderly ghost sitting by the fireplace.

A real estate agent was using a Polaroid camera to take a head shot of one the employees at the house and, when the photo was developed she got a chilling image of a woman in frizzy black hair standing in the middle of the hallway.  Many believe that this may me one of the many souls condemned to death on the grounds where Joshua Ward House now stands.